Shabbos HaGodol

On “ShabbosHaGodol” HKBH brought to Klal-Yisroel in Mitzrayim
the first Shabbos that he kept even before the six days of creation!


The riddle of the nussach by Kidush on Shabbos:
And His Holy Shabbos — He Gave Us”
versus: “And Your Holy Shabbos–You Gave Us”


The amazing revelation of of the great Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Rimenov zy”a:
There was a Shabbos before the Six Days that HKB”H Created the world


Or-Hachayim: Every Shabbos the Existence of the World
Is Renewed for Six more Days when it is renewed again on Shabbos


The Special Gift that HKB”H keeps in his Treasure Room
Is the Shabbos that existed before Creation


Shabbos Hagodol 5772

Translation Shabbos HaGodol 5772


Parshas Vayikroh

Vekomatz mishom melo kumtzo misalto umishamno
And he shall scoop from there his full three fingers full of its fine flour and of its oil

HKB”H the Heavenly Kohen-Godol Chooses the Best “Kometz”
from our Torah and our Fulfillment of Mitzvos!

Misalto Umishamno” – “Fine flour mixed with oil”
Eluding to the Combination of Torah-study with Good Deeds


Emes” – “Truth will sprout from the earth”
Like a Fruit that sprouts when the Debris Is cleared away


The deep teaching of the “Sefas Emes”
The Rectification of Falsehood Occurs when It Is Used to Reveal the Truth


Dear Chaveirim.

This week we present bezras Hashem a deep mamar hashkofe about “Truth” that can only be revealed through hard work of eliminating all the “sheker” – falsehood that surrounds the truth. Here is a few paragraphs from the mamar:

Dovid HaMelech says in Tehilim (psalm 85 possuk 12): “Emes meieretz tizmach” – “The truth will sprout forth from the earth”. With this he conveyed to us an essential fact concerning the refinement and revelation of truth in this world.  It is truly analogous to growth from the earth.  A fruit must be refined and revealed from within its husk and outer peel; wheat must be separated from the chaff. In the exact same manner, the truth must be revealed from within the depths and context of lies; it is necessary to separate out the illuminating elements of truth from the falsehood.  Since we have already learned that Torah is compared to fine flour, let us examine the process of how wheat is grown and ultimately processed into fine flour. 

To begin with, the earth must be plowed and the rocks must be removed so that the ground will be suitable to yield produce.  Next, the seeds of wheat are planted, the ground is fertilized and irrigated with water, and the process of growth begins from the depths of the earth.  The external shell of the seed decomposes underground, and the new growth sprouts forth from amidst the decomposition.  Thus the wheat sprouts forth, breaks through the surface of the earth and is revealed above the ground.  This, however, is not the end of the process.  The thorns and debris that surround the wheat and threaten to ruin the produce must be cleared away.  With these laborious steps the process is finally completed and wheat worthy for consumption is produced. 

After the wheat has been grown, a new process begins — transforming the wheat into fine flour.  First, the wheat must be refined a separated from the surrounding chaff.  Then it must be finely ground into thin flour.  This flour must be sifted to remove the impurities.  Only after all of these steps have been performed is the true “solet,” the desired end-product obtained.  Now, one is ready to bake bread from this fine flour.  It is not for naught that we bless and thank Hashem for the final product of this complicated process with the broche: “Hamotzi lechem min hoorotz” – “Blessed are you our G-D the king of the world”  – Who brings forth bread from the earth. 

This then is the meaning of the possuk:  “Emes meieretz tizmach” – “The truth will sprout forth from the earth”. the truth is only revealed after this painstaking process of growth from the earth.  For, it is impossible for a lowly, physical being to arrive at the truth of a matter without first removing all of the thorns surrounding the rose.  The veils of falsehood must first be removed to reveal the underlying truth. 

In summary, we learn that the purpose of our service to Hashem is to diligently study Torah and perform Mitzvos until the ultimate truth is revealed — fulfilling the potential instilled in us of:  “Emes meieretz tizmach” – “Truth shall sprout forth from the earth”.  Once we have fulfilled this obligation and have presented HKB”H with our poor man’s minchoh offering, we can request that He fulfill the mitzvoh of “kmitzeh” on our behalf. 


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Parshas Vayikroh

Translation Vayikro 5772

Parshas Poroh

The Poroh-Adumoh – Red Cow, is a Kaporeh – Forgivness
for our dancing around the “Eigel HaZohov” up to This Very Day!

Dear Brothers & Chaveirim.


In this week’s mamar we write about parshas Poroh, the parsha we read for Maftir right after finishing reading the weekly combining 2 parshes Vayakhel & Pekudei.

Parshas Poreh is all about one of the greatest mitzvohs, which also happens to be one of the greatest mysterious. Hkb”h told us to bring a Poroh-Adumoh – A red cow that has only red hair all over. If in fact it has even only two black hairs it is posul – Disqualified.

Rashi explains that the Satan and the goyim laugh at us, when they hear about this supposedly weird mitzvoh. They ask us mockingly: Why do you do this? What is the reason for this mitzvoh? Why a red cow? Why this and why that?

But jealousy and envy lays hidden beyond the surface of their laughter and mucking. The Satan cannot bear to see how we Jews follow blindly; how we obey all mitzvohs – commandments, of our holy lord HKB”H the creator of the world, no matter how weird and misunderstood they may seem to be.  Not in vain do our holy Rabbis explain that this actually is the goal purpose of keeping such mitzvohs like Poroh-Adumoh, to proof to ourselves and to others that we are devoted soldiers who follow and fulfill the will of our master Hashem without any questions and hesitations.   

Rashi the great Commentator, brings in the name of Rabbi Moshe Hadarshan, that the Poroh-Adumoh was brought as a “Kaporeh” – “Forgivness” for the “chet ha-eigel” – the great sin of making the golden calf that the “Eirev-Rav” – Egyptians, who supposedly decided to become geirim-converts to Judaism – coaxed the Jews that had just come out of Mitzrayim to make and worship the calf. Poroh – the cow, symbolizes the mother of the calf that needs to wipe and cleanser the stains that her son the little calf stained the souls of Klal Yisroel in those days.

The obvious question is: What than is the purpose of reading parshas Poroh in our days, when supposedly we don’t see any more people worshiping the Idolatry of a golden calf; when we don’t see them dancing around the calf? Why than do we need the forgiveness for Idolatry by reading parshas Poroh?

Chaveirim Oiy Vey givald! What can we say when the answer is nebech so obvious. Brothers, did you ever happen to hear the expression of “Eigel-Hazohov” – “The Golden-Calf”, which symbolizes the hunger for money; the lust for silver and gold; the yearning for the riches of the world? I assume that you all heard the expression. At first thought it sounds only like an expression that has in realty nothing to do with the great sin of the Golden-Calf that the eirev-rav made in the midbor.

But in this mamar we explore, based mainly on the “Kli-Yokor, that it is much more than a mere saying; it is in fact the truth that they were after money and riches, mainly Gold, which is also a form of Avodeh-Zoreh – Idolatry. It is worshiping the lusts and riches of this false world, which seem to shine and glow on the outside but is empty and hollow in the inside, especially if we don’t know how to enjoy what we have and use in the correct way.

This is the reason why the Talmud Yerushalmi nicknames the Poroh-Adumoh: “Taharoson shel kol Yisroel” – “The cleanser of all Yisroel”. Because in all generations no matte when, and even more in our days, we need the Poroh-Adumoh to put us into place; to cleanse and to bring us forgiveness for spending so much time worshipping the “Eigel-Hazohov” – “The Golden-Calf”, that ruins our relationship with our spouses children and friends, but worse, ruins our relationship with HKB”H and the heilige Torah!

So Chaveirim it’s time to go in the ways of Moshe Rabeinu, when he came down after 40 days from heaven. When he saw them dance around the Golden-Calf, he took it and smashed and grinded it into bits and pieces. This act in our minds will bring salvation and solutions to most of our problems.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Shabbos.


Poroh 5772

Translation Poroh 5772

Mishloach Monos – Mamar Purim

The Incredible Revelation of the Great Rabbi Yisroel of Rozhin zy”a

Adar the Last Month of the Year Is Intimately Related
to the Revelation of Nissan at the Beginning of the Year


The depth of Ester’s words to Mordechai about fasting on Pessach:
Elder of Yisroel What is the Point of Celebrating Pesach?”


The Deep Insight Provided by the Great Rabbi of Rozhin zy”a:
The Twelve Months of the Year Represent Twelve Levels of Revelation


Homon chose the month of Adar the last of the 12 months
thinking that it has the greatest Hester Ponim – concealment


The First Letters of: “Yovo Hamelech Vehomon Hayom”
Spell out the shem Havaye that rules on the Month of Nissan


The Essential Preparation for the Miracle of Purim
Already Took Place during Nissan


 The Visible Miracles Serve to Help us
recognize the Concealed Miracles

Purim 5772

Translation Purim 5772