Parshas Nitzavim-Vayeilech

The Connection between Parshas Nitzavim and Parshas Vayeilech

Rabbi Yehoshua’s Elation Concerning the Gem
Elucidated by Rabbi Elazar ben Azaryah

Ten Categories of Yisrael Corresponding to the Ten Commandments


 Educating the Children Corresponds to the Commandment of “לא תרצח”


The Children Are Brought so that Those Who Bring Them Will Be Rewarded


A Precious Gem that Has Personal Significance for Me


The Incredible Connection between Rabbi Yehoshua and Rabbi Elazar ben Azaryah

It Was Heavenly Ordained that Rabbi Yehoshua Should
Cause An Upheaval in the World of Torah


Rabbi Reuven Margaliot’s Precious Gem

 Nitzavim-Vayeilech 5773

Translation Nitzavim-Vayeilech 5773


Parshas Ki Savo

The Arizal’s Incredible Revelation

The Luz Bone at the Top of the Spinal Column Receives Its Life-force from the Knot in the Tefillin


The Name שד”י Wards off the External Forces


The “Luz” Bone Is Located at the Back of the Neck


The Luz’s Power to Resurrect the Dead Stems from the Knot in the Tefillin


A Head that Did Not Wear Tefillin—Their Body Is Consumed and Their Soul Is Burned


“וייצר” Alludes to Two Separate Creations—the “Luz” and the Body


Drawing Life from the Name הוי”ה in the Four Passages into the “Luz”

Ki Savo 5773

Translation Ki Savo 5773

Parshas Ki-Seitzei

“If a bird’s nest happens to be before you”

It Is a Mitzvah to Release the Neshamah of Mashiach from Its Sanctuary by Extracting All of the Children from the Treasure-house of Neshamos


“Shiluach HaKan” Helps to Hasten the Geulah


 “Kan Tzipor” Represents the Sanctuary of the Mashiach


If Mashiach Is Present in the World
How Can He Be Confined within the Sanctuary of “Kan Tzipor”


The Chasam Sofer Follows in the Footsteps of Rabbi Chaim Vital


The Son of David Will Not Come until
All of the Neshamos Have Vacated the “Guf”


Rachel Cries over Her Children in the Sanctuary of “Kan Tzipor”


ק”ן (150) Psalms in Tehillim Corresponding to the Sanctuary of ק”ן ציפור

Ki Seitzei 5773

Translation Ki Seitzei 5773

Parshas Shoftim

The Eglah Arufah Provides Yisrael with Atonement

They Are Compared to the Eglah because

They Separated Themselves from HKB”H Their Head


 Closeness to Hashem Insures Our Protection


Yaakov’s Victory Over the “Samech-Mem”
Was Attributable to the Magnitude of His Closeness to Hashem


A Close Attachment to HKB”H Resembles the Body’s Attachment to Its Head


Yosef Cleverly Sent Yaakov a Sign Related to the “Eglah Arufah”

Shoftim 5773

Translation Shoftim 5773