Mamar Parshas Behaloscho + Tavlin Leshabbos

Dear Chaveirim.

This week, in addition to the mamar on the Parshah, we have the column “Tavlin Leshabbos” – Spices for Shabbos. I dare suggest that you should make an effort not to miss it. I hope that Bezras Hashem you will enjoy the new spice that is a blend of sharp & sweet, contains very important knowledge that is not known. It is time we should get to know a little better such an important guest we get every Shabbos – the Neshome Yesiro, the extra Neshome Hashem sends us every Shabbos.

Our beloved Dr. Fox is on vacation therefore we don’t have his wonderful translation for the weekly mamar. But I want to thank my good friend Rabbi Shlomo Berger who translated marvels the “Tavlin Leshabbos”. If you find any mistakes please know that it is me who did it, while going over and adding a touch of my “rich” English.

A lechtiken Shabbos to all of you.


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Tavlin Leshabbos Behaaloschu 


Parshas Nuso

Dear Chaveirim.

Boruch Hashem we all had the great zchus to celebrate the heilige Yom Tov of Chagh Hasavues. It was on this day that Hashem chose to give us his holy Torah, although the Malachai Hashores the great Angels begged Him to give them the Torah. They claimed: Why give the Torah to humans who have such a great yeitzer hura. Isn’t it nicer to give us – who don’t have a yeitzer hura, your Torah? “Tno Hodcho Al Hashomayim” – Give your beauty of Torah to us Angels in the sky. Nevertheless Hashem chose to give us humans the Torah.

But we must remember, that not only did Hashem give us his Torah so we can obay al the 613 Mitzvhos, he gave us the Torah so we should use our talents to plow in the depth of the Torah and explore new rays, thoughts and ideas, that were hidden within the Torah itself. Thus we have in general 2 parts of Torah: 1. The Torah that Hashem revealed to us on Har Sinai. 2. The Torah that we reveal every day while digging into the depth of the heilige Torah.

This, my friends, explains what the Shl”o hakodesh says that while Chag Hashavues is a yom tov and a great day of happiness, it is also a real yom hadin of matan Torah. We have to give “Din Vecheshbon”, to Hakodosh Boruch Hu and to the Torah itself, how we treated the great jewel of Torah all year long. Did we spend enough time learning Torah and enjoying her beauty? Did we utilize all our efforts to explore her depths?

How wonderful are the words of the great Rabbi Reb Boruch of Medzibiz zt”l who used to say on Shavous: I am more afraid from the yom hadin of Chag Hashuvoes than I am afraid of the yom hadin of Rosh Hashone. On the yom hadin of Rosh Hashone we are judged with regard to parnose, i.e.; whether we will have one more Challah roll or perhaps one fewer. But the yom hadin of Shavues is how much Torah we will have access to during the coming year.

On the yom hadin of Chag Hashavues, we must prove to the Hakodosh Boruch Hu and to the Torah, that the Hiliger Bashefer did not choose in vain to give us the Torah rather than to his holy Angels. We must prove that we fulfilled our duty of learning Torah, and did all we can to contribute our part in revealing new ideas of chidushi Torah.

Guys are you wandering: Hey we are after Shavues so why talk about something that is over? No my friends: “It is not the end it is just the beginning”!  Hakodosh Boruch Hu and the Torah give us a chance to do Tshuveh and rectify what we didn’t do last year. So Chaveirim, let us stand up to the challenge! Let us not succumb to the despair of the Yeiter Hurah. We can make up with the Torah and ask for her forgiveness, we can spend more time learning and studying her. There is no question that the Torah will then become our Lawyer and pray for us to Hashem that we should be healthy and have great Naches and Parnoseh, so we should be able to continue with our holy work.

This week we didn’t have time to write a new mamar. So I am sending you a beautiful deep mamar from 4 years ago. I hope we will all enjoy it.

Have a great Shabbes.



Mamar Parshas Bechukosai

Dear Chaveirim.

In this week’s mamar parshas Bechukosai we are discussing the wondrous act performed by Yaakov Ovinu, in order to insure the future redemption of his children as Rashi describes:  “In five places in Scriptures, we find Yaakov’s name spelled out in full with a “vav” and, correspondingly, the name Eliyahu appears without a “vav” in five places; Yaakov took this letter from Eliyahu’s name as a security to guarantee that he would return and herald the redemption of Yaakov’s children”.

We suggest a new insight: Yaakov Ovinu deliberately took the letter “vav” from Eliyahu’s name five times, to remind him to fulfill his holy mission he was entrusted with—to complete the five languages of redemption mentioned in Parshas Voeiro which all begin with the letter “vav” – V’hotzesi, V’hitzalti, V’goalty, V’lokachty, V’haveisi. Although, Eliyahu is only coming to announce the future redemption, corresponding to V’haveisi“And I will bring you into the land that I promised to your fathers Avraham Yitzchak and Yakov”, he is, in fact, completing all five languages of redemption, for the future redemption will also complete retroactively the four languages of redemption that were realized in Egypt.

To the rest of it enjoy the beautiful translation by Dr. Fox, or even more by learning it in the original Hebrew. Let us sign off by praying to Hashem that the time has come to bring the Geule so Yakov ovinu can return the 5 “vavin” to Eliyahu Hanovie Zochur Latov omein.

Good Shabbos

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Bechukosai English