Mamar Parshas Korach

THE THREE “PIs” THAT DESTROY BAD THOUGHTS This week’s mamar is a unique combination of the mystical and logic. We begin with the mystical idea that is mentioned in the world of Halacha, by the great posek “magen Avrohum” (orach chayim siman 98) in the name of “seifer hagan” one of the mekubolim: To chase away a bad thought, you should say three times: PI PI PI – פי פי פי. The question is: 1. what is the meaning of those 3 PIs? 2. What kind of power do they have to chase away bad thoughts? 3. Is there any way to explain it logically? Or is it meant to stay hidden like a mystical idea above our intellectual capacity? We find a solution to this problem, in one of the sforim from the “Bnei Yissuschor”, who reveals to us what he heard from the great mekubel Rabbi Zvi Hirsh from Ziditshov zt”l, that the 3 PIs symbolize: PI HOORETZ, PI HABEIR, PI HOOSON – פי הארץ, פי הבאר, פי האתון . The 3 mouths of: earth, well, donkey, that were created Erev Shabbes bein hashmoshes – on the 6th day of creation at twilight, just before Shabbes: PI HOORETZ is the mouth of the earth, mentioned in this week’s parshe. Upon the command of Moshe rabeinu, the earth opened her mouth to swallow Korach and his followers, after they lit the “torch of quarrel” against Moshe rabeinu and Aron hakohen, due to their great blazing fire of jealousy. PI HABEIR is the mouth of the well mentioned in the coming parshe, Chukas. In the end of the 40 years that klal yisruel traveled in the desert before entering Eretz Yisruel, the well that gave water to klal yisruel, opened her mouth to sing praise to Hashem, that she had the zchus and honor to serve klal yisruel and quench their thirst. PI HOOSON is the mouth of the donkey mentioned in the 3rd consecutive parsha, Balak. When Hashem opened the mouth of the donkey, who gave musar to Bilam hurushe: “How dare you curse and destroy klal yisruel who are “ole regel” to Jerusalem three times a year on the “sholosh regolim”. Those are the three PIs that have such wonderful power to destroy bad thoughts. Using this as a strong base, we continue to develop this thought: The source of all bad thoughts originates from three very bad character traits: קנאה, תאוה וכבוד, – ENVY, LUST and Pursuit of GLORY. These 3 traits, chaza”l tell us, are the real source that cause a person to be driven from this world. Now if we think about it we will be able to understand, that it is the three PIs – PI HOORETZ, PI HABEIR, PI HOOSON, who have the powerful ability to counteract those three horrible character traits. PI HOORETZ the mouth of the earth that opened up to swallow Korach and his followers, is screaming out to us in a loud clear voice: Why don’t you people learn from those sinful characters Korach and his followers, to run away from jealousy and envy. Don’t you realize that at the end of the line, when the time comes, you will all be my guest??? PI HABEIR the mouth of the well, from which Hashem provided water to klal yisruel for 40 years in the desert, by the miracle of taking out water from a dry stone, is calling out to us in a loud voice: Why don’t you people learn, not to spend your time and energy day and night, to fulfill your lust of money and all the worldly nonsense. Don’t you see that it is all in vain, because it is Hashem that provides everything, and it is he who decides how much to give and whom to give. If he decides to give you, then you will be able to take out water even from a dry stone. PI HOOSON is the mouth of the donkey, that opened her mouth and belittled so badly Biloom huroshe, screams out to us with its donkey mouth: Why don’t you weak humans learn to stop running and spending so much precious time, just to get a little glory or fame. Don’t you see the bitter end of Bilam huroshe. Those are the three PIs – PI HOORETZ, PI HABEIR, PI HOOSON who fight so successfully, the three horrible character traits: ENVY, LUST AND GLORY. But chaveirim this is only one part of the mamar. In addition we explore a revelation, a brilliant idea from the great mekubel Rabbi Shem Klingberg of Zalishitz zt”l who perished in the holocaust Hashen yinkom domo, who says that the three PIs represent the three PIs that are mentioned in the posuk: “לא ימושו מ-פי-ך ומ-פי- זרעך ומ-פי- זרע זרעך” – “LO YOMUSHU MI-PI-CHO UMI-PI- ZARACHO IMI-PI- ZERA ZARACHO”. To enjoy the continuation of this wonderful thought, we will leave something for the mamar, because there are ideas that can best be expressed in loshon kodesh, (especially with my “great professional” English). Pinches