Mamar Parshas Bolok

Dear Chaveirim.

In this week’s mamar on the Parshas Bolok we discuss the idea of the “Agra D’Kallah”  based on the teaching of the Arizal —whose commentary illuminates for us the entire subject regarding why Bolok and Bilom were so anxious to curse Klal Yisroel, because Bolok saw, by means of his witchcraft, that Dovid HaMelech and his children were destined to descend from Ruth the Moabite. Therefore Bolok and Bilam’s entire plan was designed to prevent Yisroel from extracting the holy trace of Dovid HaMelech’s neshomeh that was concealed amidst the nation of Moav.

This interpretation provides us with an insight concerning another matter in our parsha. We find that Bolok attempted to bring Bilam to curse Yisroel on three separate occasions. Each time, Bilam instructed Bolok to construct seven altars; each time, he sacrificed on each altar a bull and a ram—thus, totaling fourteen sacrifices for each set of seven altars. Seeing as Bolok and Bilam intended to keep the holy trace of Dovid HaMelech’s neshomeh within the domain of Moav, we can say that they built seven altars corresponding to Dovid HaMelech who is the seventh among the seven shepherds: Avrohom, Yitzchok, Yakkov, Moshe, Aron, Yosef, Dovid.  Additionally, they sacrificed fourteen sacrifices on each set of seven altars corresponding to the numerical value of the name Dovid  (4+6+4); this protocol was repeated three times corresponding to the three parts of Dovid HaMelech’s neshomeh called: Nefesh, Ruach, Neshomah, that they were trying to contain.

This dramatic fight between the Kedushe and the Tumeh was not so simple. It involves a big dilemma in Halacha: If a man steals a beam from his neighbor, and uses it in a building of his and is then caught, can we force him to dismantle the entire structure in order to return the beam, or he may claim that since the beam is already part of a structure, he wishes to merely compensate the neighbor for the beam. As a consequence, the forces of evil present the same dilemma: Their structure is built upon a holy Neshomeh like the one of Dovid  Hamelech in Moav, that was stolen from the kedushah, can we force them to dismantle and demolish their entire structure in order to return it, or can they claim that they wish to reimburse us the cost of the Neshomeh.

We find a solution to this problem by remembering what Hashem had done to the Egyptians destroying their structures, drowning their generals in the ocean, so he can take out the Jewish souls of Klal Yisroel stolen by them. This is what frightened Bolok that his nation Moav will be demolished into shreds in order to save the soul of Dovid Hamelech.

This should motivate us to pray to Hashem that we should be zoche to the day when Hakodosh Boruch Hu will reveal the Neshome of Moshiach Ben Dovid, who will demolish and destroy the structures of evil powers that carry the torch of hate against Yidishe Kinderlich all over the world, thus exposing all the Kedushe that was hidden and stolen by them Bimheiro Beyomeinu Omien .

Let us all have a wonderful Shabbos


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Mamar Parshas Chukas

Dear Chaveirim

In this week’s mamar for Parshas Chukas we have a triple combination, beginning with good news continuing with not so good news but finishing off with very good news!

It all begins three thousand three hundred twenty two – 3,322 years ago, when we Klal Yisruel men, women and children were born as a nation, while standing at the foot of Mount Sinai to except the Heilige Torah from Hakodesh Boruch Hu.

It is not a secret that the Torah is combined of two parts: 1. Torah Sh-Beksav – the written Torah (of the five scribes.- WHY?) 2. Torah Sh-baal-Peh that explains in length all the details that are hidden in Torah Sh-Beksav. Torah Sh-baal-Peh was revealed to Moshe Rabeinu on Har Sinai, but Hashem told him that it is the part of Torah that should be revealed mainly by the Torah sages Tanoim & Amoruim, and after that the Geonim, Rishonim and Achronim, who clarify all the questions concerning the Halochah that develop in every generation.

We all know that Torah She-baal-Peh is combined of “Shisho Sedorim” – six sections: Zeroim, Moed, Noshim, Nezukin, Kodoshim, Tahares. But what most don’t know is a wonderful piece of knowledge from one of the Balai Tosfos Rabbi Shimshon from Kutzi in his seifer “Hakrisis”, that when Hashem revealed to Moshe Rebinu Torah She-baal-Peh it contained six hundred sections. These 600 sections were passed from Moshe Rabeinu to Yeshoshua and from Yeshoshua to the Elders and so it went from generation to generation. But eventually because of the Gallus and wanderings of Klala Yisruel from country to country the generations weakened and a lot was forgotten, untill Rabbi Yehudah Hanosie – Rabeinu Hakodosh decided to gather all Torah She-baal-Peh into six sections.

So Chaveirim the good news is that originally we got from Hashem six hundred sections of Torah She-baal-Peh. The bad news is that the generations weakened and we have only six sections, but we finish off with very good news! That Rabeinu Hakodosh combined all six hundred sections into these six sections, meaning that every section contains 100 sections.

We learn from the great meforshim – commentaries, that all the chidushi Torah in the Talmud are  actually parts of Torah from the six hundred sections. We add spice that this is the reason why the Talmud begins so many times with: “Tonu Rabanon” – “Our Sages Learned”, because the abbreviation of “Tonu Rabanon”  is the 2 letters Tof Reish which is the equivalent of 600, to show us that they are all revelations of the lost treasures of the 600 sections.

We bring a beautiful schmooze between the Chofetz-Chayim and Rabbi Chayim Brisker, where the Chofetz-Chayim claims that all Chidushai-Torah of our great sages in all generations, are actually revelations from the lost 600 sections.

I want to add something, that I didn’t write in the mamar, from the Ben Ish Chai, that this is the reason for the two Shin on the right and left side of the Tfilin Shel Rosh that are begimatria 600, to remind and help us explore the hidden treasures of the 600 vanished sections.

To learn more about it, learn the original mamar in Loshon-Kodosh or in the wonderful English translation of Dr. Baruch Fox.

Have a wonderful Shabbos


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