Mamar Parshas Terumah ~ Tavlin Leshabbes & Chosedh Adar


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Tavlin- English Terumah 



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Mamar Shabbos Shkolim


Dear Chaveirim,

Believe it or not this week we have b”h great news: The coming Shabbos we are going to bench – bless chodesh Adar. So why is it such good news? Because the heilige Gemoreh says (Taanis 29:1): “Mishenichnas adar marbin besimachah” – when the month of Adar enters our joy increases. The Gemoreh goes on saying that it if a person has a dispute with a goy, he should set the trial for the month of Adar which is a lucky time to win it.

How inspiring is the idea of the great torah giant the Chidushi Hari”m zt”l who explaines, that the Gemoreh is referring to the argument that each and every one of us has with the goy that lurks within us – the Yeitzer hura. In chodesh Adar we have a great chance to win the battle with that goy, because it was in this month on Purim that we won the battle against Haman haroshe, who together with his advisors Jew hatters, descendents of Amoleik, wanted to kill us and instead “Venahapoch hu” – they were killed.

So Chevre what does it all boil down to? That we have a great chance to overcome and beat the goy that lives within us. We have a fantastic opportunity to open up a new page with Hakodesh Boruch Hu, begin a new relationship, sign a new agreement with him. Let us all remember that on Purim: “Kimu vekiblu” – Jews all over the world accepted from new the Torah. Thus by doing it now again “Kimu vekiblu”, accepting the Torah from new, making sure to be kovai itim letorah – setting up a time every day to learn torah without any dumb excuses; daven every day with minion; making broches with more kavone; bench from a small sidur that we can carry in our pocket, so we won’t lose 40 to 50% of the holy words, there is no question that Hakodesh Boruch Hu will keep his side of the deal, and see to it that: “Mishenichnas adar marbin besimachah”  – we should find more joy on all fronts: Nachas from our lechtike kinderlich; parnose berevach; healthy good long years etc. etc.

This week’s mamar is devoted to Shabbos Shkolim. I must admit that at first it will not be so easy for everyone, due that it deals with the world of remez, and some people when they see a gimatria back off. But I advise you not to read it while you are tired but rather learn it slowly and even go over it twice. We also have the beautiful and fantastic translation of Dr. Baruch Fox who as usual did a superb job. I promise you will enjoy it and it will enrich your knowledge in torah.

So Chaveirim let us all rejoice as we are preparing to go into chodesh Adar as said:  “Mishenichnas adar marbin besimachah”, and let us all have a wonderful Shabbos.


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Shabbos Shkolim

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Mamar Parshas Yisro on Kidush & Tavlin Leshabbos


Dear Chaveirim.

Boruch Hahem another week has passed. Hopefully a week of achievements, of making holy time for learning Torah mornings or nights or both; of working and earning a Kosher dollar; of encouraging our kinderlich to go on with their wonderful work in Chider; Yeshivah or school. And if we feel that we could have then better we always have a chance to do Tshuve by saying to Hakodesh Boruch Hu sincerely: Hiliger tate in himmel, You’ll see that next week I will really try to do much better. I promise it will bring out a big smile on Hashem’s face, and believe me after all he is doing for us he really deserves it, to say the least, and when Hashem smiles everything is just perfect: Health, Parnoseh, kinderlich and what not.

In this week’s parsha – parshas Yisro, we are reading about the greatest event Klal Yisroel had ever experienced, the revelation of hkb”h on mount Sinai when he gave his his holy Torah in the form of the ten commandments. We chose to focus in this week’s mamar on the fourth commandment: “Zochor es yom hashabbos lekadsho”, which refers to the mitzvo of making Kidush on Friday night.

The Mogein Avraham writes in the name of the Arizal that the Kiddush formula contains seventy words – thirty-five in the paragraph of  “Vaychilu” and thirty-five in the actual berocheh: “Asher Kidushuno bemitzvosov”…

We are explaining this with a wonderful Megaleh Amukos (Lech Lechho) that there are seventy guardian angels above, split into two groups – thirty-five on the left side of kedushah led by the guardian angel of Eisav, and, opposite them, thirty-five on the right side of kedushah, led by the guardian angel of Yishmoel. Hshem split them in two halves and placed Klal Yisroel between them so to separate them.

The Megaleh Amukos tosses in a wonderful insight. This division between the nations explains why the holy nation of Yisroel’s day of rest is Shabbos kodesh. In stark contrast, the Moslems, the descendants of Yishmoel, celebrate their holy day on Friday, to the right of Shabbos kodesh; whereas, the holy day of the Christians, descendants of Eisav, is Sunday, to the left of Shabbos kodesh; Yisroel again occupy the central position, having been allotted Shabbos kodesh to sanctify and cherish. Based on this Megaleh Amukos the Bnei Yissoschar says, that the great kedushe of Shabbos nullifies the negative forces of Yishmoel and Eisav and the seventy nations beneath them to its right and its left.

So what is left for us to say? That it is now clear, why the Friday night Kiddush contains seventy words – thirty-five in the paragraph of “Vayechulu” and thirty-five in the Kiddush berocheh. They correspond to the thirty-five nations on the right, led by Yishmoel, and the thirty-five nations on the left, led by Eisav, which are nullified by the kedushah of Shabbos. That gives us a great incentive to say Kidush with more Kavone knowing how every word counts and has the power to nullify one of the seventy nations who are out to destroy us.

The rest of the mamar you will see in the attachments of the original mamar and also in the fantastic translation.

So let us all have a lechtiken Shabbos.



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 Yisro 5770 English

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