Parshas Chukas

The wonderful Insight of the Chidushei HaRim and the Ketzos HaChoshen:

Domo ben Nesinoh’s Parental Respect was shaterd by the

Willingness of the Sagesto Pay Any Price for a Poroh Adumoh

Fulfilling a Mitzvah as an Absolute Decree of the King 

Illustrates Our Connection and Devotion to Hashem


Observing a Mitzvah without Knowing Its Reason

Atones for the Sin of the Egel


The Amazing Incident Involving the Sages

and the Non-Jew Domo ben Nesinoh


The Maharal of Prague’s Interpretation

of the Incident Involving Domo ben Nesinoh


Maharal: All Non-Jews Are Referred to as:

Domo ben Nesinoh of Ashkelon”


Domo ben “Nesinoh” Pretends to Give but in Truth 

He Is from “Ashkelon” and Intends to Take

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Parshas Chukas 5772

Translation Chukas 5772


Parshas Korach

An extraordinary mamar for parshas Korach that opens new doors of understandings

The Chasam Sofer’s Bafflement

I am surprised that the righteous sons of Levi namedtheir son Korach
which was a name of one of the chiefs of Eisov

The wise among women, builds her house,
but the foolish one tears it down with her hands”


The depth of Yaakov ovinu’s words to his mother Rivkah:
My brother Eisov is a hairy man while I am a smooth-skinned man”


The Hair on One’s Head Represent Man’s Excesses,
The Mitzvah of “Peios” Surrounding Both Ears


Eisov’s Fine Garments that Rivkah dressed Yaakov
Signifies the Use of Material Wealth for Heaven’s Sake


 “Riches hoarded by their owner to his misfortune”
Refers to Korach’s Wealth which blinded his eyes


A Person’s Name Exerts a Positive or Negative Influence on His Life.
Rabbi Meir was able to tell a person from his name


The name Korach had a bad influence because it is the name of
Chief Korach the Son of Eliphaz – Confiscated All of Yaakov’s Riches

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Parshas Korach

Translation Korach 5772

Parshas Behaaloscho

A wonderful segulah for success in whatever you do:
Say before and after every action that its achievement is b’ezras Hashem

Dear Chaveirim.

We are only weeks away from the summer season when tens of thousands upon thousands of our brothers and sisters travel weekly, going to the country in the end of the week and coming back to the city in the beginning of the week. When traveling all year long we need a lot of guideing. Chazal teach us that: “Kol hadrochim bechezkas sakone” – “all the roads are danger zones”, due to the many accidents happening on them. So if this is the case in a normal trip, how much more shemiro do we need when traveling such long distances.

So how important and advisable is it to learn and memorize the wonderful segule of the Sheloh hakodosh in this week’s parsha: For every action taken, one should say: “with Hashem’s help.” Before one leaves home; before one arrives in a new location; before he leaves to return home; and right before he actually arrives home once more, he should always say: “with Hashem’s help.”

In the mamar we delve in depth to explain why it is so important and how it is a true lifeline that guides us back and forth to have a safe trip and arrive safely.

A special thanks to Rabbi Moshe Hubner who took upon himself the challenge to translate this week’s mamar as he did it so wonderful last week.

May we all have a sweet and delightful Shabbos


Behaaloscho 5772

Translation Behaaloscho 5772