Mamar for parshas Bereishis 5776

“בראשית ברא אלקים את השמים ואת הארץ”

The Incredible Lesson from the First Passuk Regarding Humility
which Is Synonymous with “Lev Tov”
A Good Heart


The Passuk “Bereishis” Reveals HKB”H’s Humility


HKB”H Also Revealed His Humility with the Tenth Utterance: ״נעשה אדם״


The Conclusion of the Torah Also Alludes to the Quality of Humility


Only a Person with a Lowly Self Image Is Able to Retain Torah


Humility Is the Foundation of the Entire Torah while Arrogance Is the Mother of All Sin


The True Test of Humility Is “Lev Tov


The Sign of Humility and a “Lev Tov” Is Forgoing One’s Kavod


HKB”H Accepts the Tefilah of a Person Who Does Not Stand on His Kavod

~ * ~

Bereishis 5776

English-Bereishis 5776


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