Mamar for parshas Ki Savo 5775

“The Kohen shall take the basket from your hand”

The Kohen Places His Hand beneath the Owner’s and Waves
to Teach Him to Dedicate All of His Actions Solely to Hashem


The Bikkurim Offering Is Designed to Acknowledge Hashem’s Kindness


Waving the Bikkurim with Our Hands Indicates that  Everything Is the Work of Hashem


The Mitzvah of Netilas Yadayim Involves Raising One’s Hands to Hashem


And the Kohen Shall Take the Basket from Your Hand


Birkas Kohanim Involves the Raising of Hands

~ * ~

Click the link below for the full Mamar

Ki Savo 5775

English-Ki-Savo 5775

French-Ki-Tovo 5775


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