Mamar for parshas Shoftim 5775

תמים תהיה עם ה’ אלקיך

An Explanation of the Baal HaTurim’s Comment
regarding the Large “Tav” in “


Yisrael Received the Torah in the Merit of Their Sincerity


The Association between “נעשה ונשמע” and the Mitzvah of “תמים תהיה


 “I recall for you the kindness of your youth . . . your following Me into the Wilderness”


תמים תהיה” Do Not Investigate the Future via Stars and Constellations


Abandon Your Horoscope for Yisrael Are Not Controlled by the Constellations


Rains of Berachah that Washed Away the False Belief in Astrologers


The Association between the Mitzvah of Milah and the Mitzvah of:  “תמים תהיה


Avraham Will Bear Children in the Merit of the Five Books of the Torah

~ * ~

Shoftim 5775

English-Shoftim 5775

French-Shoftim 5775


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