Mamar for parshas Metzora 5774 + English translation

A Fantastic Idea Based on the Kli Yakar

Three Types of Nega’im:  Human, Garment and Dwelling
to Rectify the Three Coverings of the Neshamah

Three Forms of Nega’im on Three Forms of Covering


Afflictions of the Body Garments and Dwellings
Correspond to Tefillin Tzitzis and Mezuzah


Tefillin Tzitzis and Mezuzah Correspond to One’s Body Possessions and House


Flaws in the Performance of These Three Mitzvos Cause Three Types of Nega’im


Soul Body Garments and Dwellings Correspond to the Four Realms of אבי”ע


The Three Coverings Require Special Protection


He Sits Alone Outside of the Three Camps 

Corresponding to the Damage Caused to the Three Coverings

~ * ~

רעיון נשגב על פי ה”כלי יקר”

ג’ סוגי נגעים על האדם הבגדים והבתים

כדי לתקן הפגם בג’ כיסויים של הנשמה

כלי יקר: ג’ מיני נגעים: נגעי אדם, נגעי בגדים, נגעי בתים,

באים על ג’ מיני כיסויים שיש על האדם זה לפנים מזה


מכסה ראשון הוא עורו לבשרו, מכסה שני בגדיו שהם כיסוי לעורו,

מכסה שלישי הוא ביתו המכסה על כולו


אריז”ל: אדם כלול מד’ בחינות: הנשמה, הגוף המכסה עליה,

הבגדים המכסים על הגוף, הבית המכסה על כולם


נגעי אדם על מה שפגם בגופו, נגעי בגדים על מה שפגם במלבושיו,

נגעי בתים על מה שפגם בקדושת ביתו


מגלה עמוקות: מצות תפילין לתקן את הגוף,

מצות ציצית לתקן את הבגדים, מצות מזוזה לתקן את הבית


נגעי גוף האדם כנגד הפגם בתפילין, נגעי בגדים כנגד הפגם בציצית,

נגעי בתים כנגד הפגם במזוזה


ד’ בחינות: קדשי קדשים, עזרות, הר הבית וירושלים,

כנגד הנשמה עם ג’ הכיסויים הגוף הבגדים והבית


המצורע צריך לצאת מכל ג’ מחנות שהם כנגד ג’ כיסויים,

הגוף, הבגדים והבית שפגם בהם בעוונותיו הרבים

~ * ~

 Metzora 5774

Translation Metzora 5774


2 thoughts on “Mamar for parshas Metzora 5774 + English translation

  1. I really enjoy your divrei Torah.

    A question occurred to me recently concerning the purpose of the aytz ha’chayim in creation.

    Lemonofshach – If Adam didn’t sin, he would have lived forever anyway. After the sin, he was speedily removed from Gan Eden lest he eat from the aytz ha’chayim.

    It seems that with either scenario, it wasn’t needed.

    Can you shed some light on this?


    William D. Sack, Esquire


    • Hi Bill.

      You have a fantastic question and although it requires a longer explanation [maybe in your Zechus I will write a mamar someday on it], I will try to give you the the true answer in short:

      The aytz ha’chayim is the Torah like it says (mishlei 3:18): “Eitz chayim hu lamachazikim bah”. Hkb”h gave us the torah so that by learning and obeying all the mitzvos we will be able to get back in Gan Eiden and live again forever. This will give us a new light to understand the phrase in the beracha after aliye letorah: “Asher nosan lonu toras emes vechayei olom nota besocheinu”. So we see clearly that the torah is called “chaye olom” – life forever, because it is the “eitz hachayem” – the tree of life.

      So the obvious question that is screaming out of you: How than does this fit with the fact that HKB”H put the two angels to guide the “eitz hachayem” so that Adam will not eat from it and live forever?

      The meaning of this is that before Adam ate from the eitz haddas the depth and secrets of Torah was open for everyone to taste and live forever. If indeed Adam would not eat from the forbidden tree , he would be able to taste from the “eitz hachayem” – the torah and live forever. But after he sinned it was closed. 2 angels who are called Keruvim are guarding the torah so that only those who are worthy will be able to understand it as it says (thilim 25:14): “Sod Hashem liyerouv” – HKB”H reveals his secrets for only those who fear him”.

      This is the reason that we cannot understand torah only by having mesirus nefesh for it. We need to work very hard so to overcome the 2 Keruvim to get to taste from the depth of torah the “eitz hachayem”.

      This is the meaning of the 2 keruvim who were on the “Aron HaBeris” – the ark where the 2 Luchos which is the torah was. To show us that if we are zoche than the 2 keruvim will not stand in our way. This is in my opinion the reason for the 2 berochos on birkas HaTorah to chase away the 2 keruvim that guard the torah in the ark.

      All of this is boiling down to one idea: That by eating enough from the “eitz hachayem” – the torah in a way of learning torah with our body and soul we will eventually be mesaken the sin of the “eitz hadaas” and live forever. Like we say in the hagada shel Passach: “Veoso HKB”H veshocah lemalach hamoves”.

      This my friend is the secret in the end of the Hagadah shel Passach: “Veoso chitro vehiko lekalbo” – and the stick came and hit the dog. “who is the stick? It is the “eitz hachayem” that hit’s the dog the koach hatumoh.

      This is the essence of the picture although I have got a lot of reference to this idea. Go over it a few times and you will see the beauty of it.

      I think that I might write Bez”H this mamar for Chag HaShavuos explaining the trees we put in the Beis HaMidrash to symbolize the “eitz hachayem”.

      All in your zechus.

      Pinches Friedman.

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