Rosh Hashana 5774

“Reign over the entire world with Your glory”
Our Job on Rosh HaShanah Is to Install HKB”H as King over Every Element of Creation Contained within One’s Being

Recite before Me “Malchiyos” so that I May Reign as King over You
Rosh HaShanah Is the Day of Judgment because that Is
When Adam HaRishon Sinned with the Eitz HaDa’as
Adam HaRishon’s Sin Was Caused by the Neshamos Included within His Being
“נעשה אדם”—All of Creation Participated in the Creation of Man
The Purpose of Creation: “ומלכותו ברצון קיבלו עליהם”
Only Man Has Freedom of Choice
On Rosh HaShanah We Must Rectify the Rebellion against the Sovereignty of Heaven

Rosh Hashana 5774

Translation Rosh Hashana 5774


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