Parshas Devarim

[We are updating the English Mamar due to mentioning several times by mistake the number 995 instead of 955]

The Divine Revelation from the Great Author of the “Ma’aseh Rokeiach”

Moshe Rabeinu Recorded 955 Pesukim in Sefer Devarim in
Order to Breach the 955 Firmaments between HKB”H and Yisrael

The “Yehudi HaKadosh” Would Learn Several Pesukim from Sefer Devarim Every Day


Tefilos Ascend through 955 Firmaments


955 Pesukim Corresponding to 955 Firmaments


The 955 Firmaments Constitute a Separating Barrier


All of the Barriers Vanished in the Beis HaMikdash


Man Is Composed of Four Basic Elements:  Fire Wind Water and Earth


Moshe Rabeinu Paved the Way for All of the Galuyos

Devarim 5773

Translation Devarim 5773


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