Parshas Balak

The Great Rabbi Akiva Eiger’s Amazing Revelation

לקב אויבי לקחתיך—I Hired You to Curse קלב Days
והנה ברכת ברך—Yet You Also Blessed the Remaining רכב Days

Bilam Opposed Shabbas Kodesh which Moshe Established for Yisrael


Seven Altars Three Times Corresponding to the Three Aspects of Shabbas


Balak and Bilam Opposed the Two Types of Judgment


Combining the Ideas of Two Spiritual Giants


The Name בל”ק Is an Anagram of קל”ב
the Number of Days on which Tachanun Is Omitted


Balak and Bilam’s Downfall Secondary to the Kedushah of Shabbas


בר”ך ה’ את יום השבת Alludes to the 222 Days Protected in the Merit of Shabbas


G-d Is Not a Man that He Should Be Deceitful

Balak 5773

Translation Balak 5773


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