Parshas Shelach

The Final Letters of של’ח ל’ך אנשי’ם Spell חכ”ם

A Jew Devoted to the Torah Merits an Existence
Referred to as “Teva Chacham”


 “Teva Mefursam” and “Teva Chacham”


 “Teva Chacham” Is Not Miraculous


Miracles beyond the Realm of Nature Occur Only When Man Is Undeserving


The Revelation of “Teva Chacham” by Avraham Avinu a”h


Raise Your Eyes to the Heavens and Recognize Your Creator


Man’s Behavior Determines How the World Is Conducted


The Meraglim’s Epic Mistake:  It Is Only Possible to Serve Hashem Properly in the Wilderness

Translation Shelach 5773

Shelach 5773


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