Parshas Bamidbar

Ezra HaSofer’s Ingenious Institution:

Beginning Sefer Bamidbar on the Shabbas Prior to Shavuos

Sefer Bamidbar Separates between Those
Who Left Mitzrayim and Those Who Entered the Land


The Generation that Departed Mitzrayim Are Labeled “Light” whereas
the Generation that Entered the Land Are Labeled “Darkness”


Moshe’s Countenance Resembled the Sun while
Yehoshua’s Countenance Resembled the Moon


Maharal: Torah She’b’chsav and Torah She’b’al Peh—
Supernatural versus Natural


The Reason HKB”H Designated Bamidbar and Devarim
for the Generation Entering the Land


Five Books Corresponding to the

Four Letters of Havaya and the Tip of the “Yud

Bamidbar 5773

Translation Bamidbar 5773


One thought on “Parshas Bamidbar

  1. Bs’d

    Shalom u’Vrucha.

    i believe there is a small typo on the 1st page 2nd last paragraph:

    It refers to the Gemora in

    תמורה ט

    & it should be

    תמורה טז

    ‘yshakayach & Kol Tuv,

    labe pittleman

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