Parshas Sazria – Metzora

“I will place a tzara’as  affliction upon a house in your ancestral land”

The Phenomenal Lesson Learned from House Afflictions–
Treasures of Gold and Silver are Concealed within Every Human Being


A very important and powerful massage:
Within every person no matter whom,
lays hidden a fortune of treasures to fulfill his mission in this world


The Gemara in Sanhedrin: There never was a tzara’as – afflicted house, nor will there ever be one in the future; so why was this law written in the Torah, G-d is telling us to expound the passage and be rewarded – this is to teach us an important message in avodas hashem


Rashi writes:  “lesions afflicting them are good news, because the Emorim hid treasures of gold in the walls of their houses all forty years that Yisrael were in the desert; and as a result of the affliction, he breaks down the house and finds them.” 


Human Afflictions for Arrogance
House Afflictions for Misguided Humility

Sazria-Metzora 5773

Translation Sazria-Metzora 5773


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