Parshas Vayikra

The Sinner Places His Hands on the Head of the Korban
Admitting that He Failed to Empower His Brain over His Heart


According to Rashi It Is a Mitzvah Incumbent
upon the Owners to Slaughter the Korban


Zohar hakadosh:  It is prohibited for the kohen to slaughter a korban
which is an act of justice, not to damage his inherent attribute of chesed


The Sinner must separate the head from the heart and the rest of the body,
recognizing that he deserved to be punished in this manner


The three parts of the  “nefesh,” “ruach” and “neshamah”
are located in the brain, heart and liver of the human body


Tikunei Zohar: Kohen Levi Yisrael Correspond
to Neshamah Ruach Nefesh


Rabbi Yisrael of Rozhin: A man’s purpose in this world to serve Hashem from the top proceeding downward—according to the format of מל”ך—symbolizing:  “mo’ach,” “lev” “ka’ved

Translation Vayikra 5773

Vayikra 5773


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