Hashem’s Incredible Plan to Hang Haman
on a Fifty Cubit High Tree Taken from Noach’s Ark


Midrash: Haman searched endlessly for a fifty cubit long wooden beam…
his son Parshandasa had obtained this wooden beam from Noach’s ark


Maharal of Prague: only forty nine gates of “binah” were given over to Moshe,
the fiftieth gate is not part of this world, it is part of the World to Come


Haman made himself a godly stature and wanted to show he is capable to attain even the fiftieth gate, for this reason, he wished to hang Mordechai on a gallows fifty cubits high


An amazing chiddush from the Maharal: Noach and family got saved from the flood,
by entering the ark that is in the sense of the fiftieth gate


Reb Tzaddok haKohen: Haman wished to hang Mordechai,
to prevent him to influence Yisrael to accept the Torah she’b’al peh


Haman wished to hang Mordechai on “a fifty cubit high gallows”,
versus Torah she’b’al peh that contains within it fifty gates of binah


Chasam Sofer: The dove completed his mission form Noach to stray from the ark,
accepted the Sages’ Decree in an Act of Self-Sacrifice


Rokeiach: The first letters of the words ה’וציאה מ’מסגר נ’פשי
spell out the name המ”ן — Haman; because Haman took a fifty cubit long plank from the ark

Purim 5773

Translation Purim 5773


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