Parshas Shemos

Moshe Yearned to Approach the Bush to Hasten
the Receiving of the Torah in order to Diminish HKB”H’s Suffering

Dear brothers & friends.

In the mamar for this week’s parsha, parshas Shemos, we learn of the very first time HKB”H reveals Himself to Moshe Rabeinu—Hashem’s loyal servant and Yisrael’s loyal shepherd.  According to Rabeinu Bachayei (Shemos 3, 4), the amazing revelation of the burning bush occurred on the fifteenth of Nissan, exactly one year prior to the exodus from Mitzrayim.

Even if all the firmaments were parchments, all the trees were quills, all the seas were ink, and all the inhabitants of earth were scribes, it would not suffice to decipher the mysteries concealed within this divine revelation of HKB”H appearance to Moshe:  “In a flame of fire from within the thorn-bush”.  Nonetheless, it is incumbent upon us to attempt to comprehend to some small degree, to the best of our limited abilities.

We begin our journey with the Midrash that the revelation of the burning bush took place on Har Sinai which is called: “Har haelokim”  — the Mountain of G-d, because it is where Yisrael accepted HKB”H as their G-d.  The Ramban explains that Moshe Rabeinu had not yet achieved the spiritual level compatible with this level of prophecy that he had the day at Matan Torah, when he was allowed to approach and come closer to HKB”H to accept the Torah.  Obviously, this is the reason that HKB”H’s told him:  “אל תקרב הלום” — don’t come any closer.

Continuing along this exalted path we explain, why Moshe Rabeinu yearned to draw nearer to HKB”H as he remarked to himself:   “אסורה נא ואראה את המראה הגדול הזה מדוע לא יבער הסנה” — he was fascinated and wished to understand why the bush would not be consumed by the fire.  Moshe understood that the reason HKB”H rested within the thorn-bush was to convey the message: “I am with him in distress”.  For, HKB”H suffered, so to speak, so long as Yisrael had not yet received the Torah.

Consequently, he immediately beseeched Hashem:  “אסורה נא – אין נא אלא לשון בקשה” —Master of the Universe, give me permission to come nearer to you; and allow me to behold the fire of the Torah that is with HKB”H and give it to Yisroel.  He continued to pour out his pure heart with merciful pleas:  “מדוע לא יבער הסנה” — why has the time not yet arrived for the bush of thorns to be consumed and eliminated from the world?  Why must HKB”H continue to suffer over the fact that Yisrael have not yet received the Torah?  Rather, let me accept for them the Torah now and stop the suffering.

To this end the Torah states:   “וירא ה’ כי סר לראות”— when HKB”H saw that Moshe wished to ascend to the top of the mountain where HKB”H rested within the burning bush, in order to receive the Torah for Yisrael.  “ויאמר אל תקרב הלום” — G-d called out to him, warning him not to come any closer, informing him that he was not yet worthy to do so — as he would be in the future at the time of Matan Torah, when he would climb into the foggy mist where G-d was located.

We now comprehend the amazing comparison between the revelation of the burning bush and the revelation of Matan Torah.  The mountain was ablaze on both occasions.  During the revelation of the burning bush, however, the fire burned within the bush; while at Matan Torah the mountain was consumed with fire without the thorn-bush.  This important difference can be explained as follows:  at the time of the revelation of the burning thorn-bush, HKB”H was engrossed in suffering and distress over the fact that Yisrael had not yet received the Torah.  Yet, at the time of Matan Torah, when HKB”H descended to give Yisrael the Torah, He suffered no longer within the confines of the thorn-bush.

So brothers & friends the lesson we need to learn from this is:  To see to it that Hashem should not suffer from resting in the bush of thorns.  We can achieve this only be learning Torah and doing mitzvos, especially on the holy day of Shabbos when we are not allowed to work, so we can devote more time with the holy G-d our father and with his holy Torah.

Let us all have a wonderful Shabbos
Pinches from Yerushalayim

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Translation Shemos 5773


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