Parshas Re’eh

“You Shall Open Your Hand to Him”

The Opening Five Fingers of One Who Gives Tzedokeh

Arouses the Source of Bounty from the Letter “Hei”

with which the World Was Created


Dear Brothers and friends.

In this week’s mamar for parshas Re’eh, we discuss the mitzveh of Tzedokeh.  It is apparent that the holy Torah attributes great significance to the opening of the hand with which a person performs the mitzveh of Tzedokeh to the poor: “You shall not close your hand, you shall open your hand to him”.

We begin our journey by reviewing a most fascinating healing power that Rabbi Yochanon had, as told in the Gemoreh (Beroches 5b):  “Rabbi Chiyeh bar Abba was ill; Rabbi Yochenen went to visit him.  He asked him:  “Are afflictions dear to you?”  He answered him:  “Neither they nor their reward.”  He (Rabbi Yochenen) said to him:  “Give me your hand.”  He gave him his hand; and he revived him.

The Agra D’Pirka (174), written by the great Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech of Dinov, zy”a, the author of the Bnei Yissoscher, presents a mesmerizing knowledge from the great Arizal, that Rabbi Yochonon was able to heal a ill person by holding his hand and focusing on one of HKB”H’s holy names יל”י, which is the abbreviation of: “Yoheiv Lei Yodo”He gave him his hand. This holy Shem has the power to heal the sick because it also derives from the first letters of the words (Tehillim 23, 6 and 93, 5): “Hashem Leorech Yomoim” — “Hashem for the length of days”.

We continue our journey explaining the power of one opening his five fingers to give Tzedokeh, because by doing this we open the letter “Hei” which has the numerical value of five. The Zohar hakadosh explains that this world was created with the letter “hei.”  Hence, all health and wealth of this world derive from the letter “Hei”. The physical body depends on the letter “hei.”  The absence of the letter “hei” spells death and all that accompanies death. Therefore, damaging the letter “hei” causes the loss of life.  From this we can understand why opening five fingers to give Tzedokeh is such great tikun to correct all damages done to the letter “Hei”.

Let us not forget that the first Jew in the world Avrohom Ovinu was able to give birth and life to Yitzchok Ovinu only after Hashem has added the letter “Hei” to his name thus “Avrom” became “Avrohom”. This than is the power of opening the five fingers to give Tzedokeh. The word “Tzedokeh” is combined of two words “Tzedek Hei“.  It opens the fountain of the letter “Hei” to cure everything that went wrong.

By opening our hands generously, willingly and frequently in the act of Tzedokeh, we will in essence be performing a provocative act down below to release the wonderful abundance in store for us above stemming from the heavenly letter “hei.”  We will be provided with health, life and sustenance as promised by the possuk:  “For in return for this matter, Hashem, your G-d, will bless you in all your deeds and in your every undertaking”.

Let us all have a wonderful and delightful Shabbos

Pinches from Yerushalayim

“כי פתוח תפתח את ידך לו”

פתיחת ה’ אצבעות של הנותן צדקה מעוררת
את שורש השפע מאות ה’ שבה נברא העולם

“אלה תולדות השמים והארץ בהבראם” – בה’ בראם,
שהיא סגולה לבנים ולפרנסה ככתוב: “הא לכם זרע”


“אברם אינו מוליד אברהם מוליד”,
כי אות ה’ שבה נברא העולם היא למעלה מכל המזלות והנהגת הטבע


“כי פתוח תפתח את ידך לו”, על ידי פתיחת ה’ אצבעות לצדקה
פותחים למעלה שורש השפע מאות ה’


על ידי שפתח אברהם את ה’ אצבעות ידו להכניס אורחים,
זכה שניתוספה לו אות ה’ שהיא סגולה לבנים


אריז”ל: רבי יוחנן הקים את רבי חייא בר אבא מחוליו
בשם יל”י שרמוז בראשי תיבות: “יהב ליה ידיה”


שם יל”י מסוגל לרפא את החולה ולאריכות ימים
כי הוא יוצא מראשי תיבות הפסוק י’י ל’אורך י’מים


רבי יוחנן לקח בידו הקדושה את ידו של רבי חייא בר אבא,
כדי לתקן מה שנפגמה אות ה’ בעוונות הדור


חול”ה היא אותיות “חול-ה’ שנתחללה האות ה’,
והסגולה לתקן על ידי מצות צדק”ה שהיא אותיות צדק-ה

Parshas Re’eh 5772

Translation Re’eh 5772


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