Parshas Devorim – Shabbos Chazon

Had We Been Worthy We Would Read: “Eicho eso levadi”
Now that We Were Not Worthy We Read
: “Eicho yoshvo bodod”

Dear Chaveirim.

This upcoming Shabbos parshas Devorim, is known as “Shabbos Chazon.” Because of the haftoreh that we read, about the Vision that Yeshayah hanovi had, concerning the churben – the destruction of the Beis HaMikdosh: “Chazon Yeshayahu ben Amotz” – the vision of Yeshayahu the son of Amotz, which he saw regarding Yehudoh and Yerushalayim. This parsha and this haftoreh are always read, without exception, on the Shabbos before the Fast of Tisho Be’Ov.

We begin our journey by refering to the following Medresh: “Had you been worthy, you would have recited from the Torah: “Eicho eso levadi” – “How can I carry alone”; now that you were not worthy, you are required to recite: “Eicho yoshvo bodod” – “How is it that she, Yerusholayim, sits alone”.

In the last week’s mamar we discussed at length, citing the Sefas Emes, that the reason HKB”H arranged for Aharon HaKohen to depart from this world on Rosh Chodesh Av — the commencement of the nine days on which we mourn the loss of the Beis HaMikdosh, which was destroyed because of “sinas chinam.” It is HKB”H’s wish that Aharon will influence us from above to follow in his ways and to love our fellow Jew. As we learned in the Mishneh that Aharon was “Ohev Sholom Verodef Sholom” — loving peace, pursuing peace, loving all creatures and bringing them nearer to Torah.

We can now begin to understand a bit, Moshe Rabeinu outpouring his heart to Klal Yisroel: “Eicho eso levadi” — how can I bear alone your trouble and your burden and your quarrels? So long as my brother Aharon — the ultimate peacemaker — was alive, he assisted me by promoting peace between all members of Klal Yisroel. Now, however, that Aharon has passed away on Hor HaHor, I have been left alone; how am I to bear this burden alone? I am not capable of eliminating the “sinas chinam” and resolving the disputes alone.

We can now shed light on the meaning of the Medresh: “Had you been worthy, you would have recited from the Torah: “Eicho eso levadi” – the possuk that Moshe rabeinu pours out his holy words concerning quarrels and “sinas chinam”; had you taken the message to heart, by putting aside your differences and learning to love and appreciate one another, the Beis HaMikdosh would not have been destroyed. “Now, however, that you were not worthy and did not heed Moshe’s words, you are forced to recite: “Eicho yoshvo bodod” – to cry over the destruction of the Beis HaMikdosh due to baseless hatred, “sinas chinam.”

So brothers and friends, it all boils down to the same important point again and again; a rule that makes us or chas vesholem brakes us: We need to stop being selfish; stop thinking only about ourselves. We need to seek for the good in all fellow Jews, no matter who and what. We must remember to except every person with a broad smile and a bright good morning and good night. It is then that HKB”H will smile down at us and great us with a bright new good morning. It will be then that he will shine at us with his holy glory and all pain and problems will vanish Bimheiro Beyomeinu Omein.

A wonderful Shabbos


Parshas-Devorim Shabbos-Chazon

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