Mamar Parshas Vayeiru & Tavlin Leshabbos

Great revelation of Toras Chayim

Menu on Shabbos: Wine, Fish & Meat
food that Hashem will feed us in Olom Habo:
Yayin hamshumer, Shor Habor & Livyasan!


Dear Chaveirim.

As we sit at the Shabbos table enjoying the delicious special Shabbos food, many of us say or at least think: “Lkovod Shabbos Kodesh”, but we may still be missing the tremendous power of the food we are eating and the impact it can have.

The Gemoro in Shabbos (218:A) teaches us: “Kol Hameaneg es Hashabbos nosnim lo nachlah bli metazrim”. The Shlah, the Alshich and the GR”A all point out that it says: “Kol Hamenaeg es Hashabbos” meaning whoever delights the Shabbos, it does not say: “Kol Hamenaeg es atzmo Bshabbos“, from this we learn that it is not ourselves that we must enjoy, but rather we need to give pleasure to the Shabbos. As it says in Yeshaya: “Vkarasa Lshabbos oneg” – You shall call pleasure to the Shabbos, and not to yourself.

The Shla”h warns us: It is so easy to fill your stomach and enjoy all the foods until we just fall asleep. That is enjoying ourselves on Shabbos and not giving pleasure to Shabbos.

So the question is: It is very obvious that we can be “Meaneg es Shabbos”, bring joy to Shabbos by learning Torah and Davening with great Kavone, but how are we supposed to be “Meaneg es Shabbos” – give pleasure to the Shabbos by eating fish and meat and drinking wine? What kind of pleasure does the Shabbos derive from us eating?

We need to compensate Shabbos

In our new column Tavlin Leshabbos we come up with a new thought, based on the teaching of Ariza”l, that if Adam had not sinned on Friday, the day he was created, he would not have given any nourishment to the kochos hatumah, so they would all perish leaving only the kochos hakedusha, and the world would have been as it will be after the Geula when Moshiach comes.

From this we learn that if Adam had not sinned, the Geula would have come already that day, and that first Shabbos would have been: “Yom shekulo Shabbos”. But since he sinned, Shabbos could only be as it says in Mesechte Brachos (57B): Maeayn Olam haba – 1/60th of Olam Haba. From this we can conclude that Adam had caused the Shabbos great damage diminishing her great Kedushe.

So dear Chaveirim since we had already learned so many times in the past from the Ariza”l, that all the Neshomos that would ever come into the world were part of Adam when he sinned, this means that we all have a great obligation to be “Meaneg es hashabbos” – bring joy to Shabbos, to compensate for the loss that she had not being “Yom shekulo Shabbos” and only “Mayayn Olam Haba”. But that brings us back to our question: How can we compensate the Shabbos with eating food which is physical pleasures?

In order to explain that we refer to a great revelation from The Toras Chaim, that in my opinion is a great Mitzvah to spread it among friends, who teaches us that the Shabbos foods we eat are hints and reminders to the foods that Hashem will feed us in Olam Haba. The wine that we make Kiddush on is a reminder to the “Yayin Hamshumer” – preserved wine that Hashem will serve us. The fish and meat that we eat are reminders of the “livyasan and Shor habor” that Hasehm will feed us.

We prepare for Shabbos by washing in hot water and changing our clothes for Shabbos. This too is a reminder of the preparation for Olam Habo, when we will dip into the “Nehar dinur” – ocean of fire, to cleanse ourselves from all the worldly filth, and we will get rid of our physical body, which is the clothing of our Neshomo, and will only need our spiritual clothing, Mitzvos and good deeds.

By eating all these foods we remind Shabbos of what Hashem will serve us “Byom shekulo Shabbos” in Olom Habo. This is as we are saying to Shabbos: Don’t be so sad that we spoiled your great Kedushe, because the time will come very soon, when instead of being “Maeyn Olam haba” you will be “Yom shekulo Shabbos” – a day that is only Shabbos, a day when your rays of Kedushe will flourish and shine into all days of the year.

So Chevre, the coming Shabbos when we eat the delicious fish & meat, when we sing beautiful Zmiros to the Shabbos, let us not forget this great chidush of the Toras Chayim and it’s a wonderful idea to share it with our Kinderlich, that the foods of Shabbes remind us of the food that Hashem will feed us “Byom shekulo Shabbos” in Olom Habo very soon bimhira beyomeinu omein.

Have a lechtiken shabbos


~   For  the  full  Mamar  in  Lashon  Hakodesh,  see  the  weekly  “Hamachne Hachareidi”.   ~


2 thoughts on “Mamar Parshas Vayeiru & Tavlin Leshabbos

  1. I live in the US and would like to know where I can purchase the SHvilay Pinchos for 5768, SOme of the more popular seforim stores in New York do not have it.
    Yasher Koach

    • The “Likutei Mamorim – Shvilei Pinches” of 5768 is out of print. I will try to find out if there are any left anywhere and let you know.

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